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Winner of CN Group Customer Service Excellence Award 2015

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What our clients say...

"Brilliant fun. Learnt some new stuff on moving water and didn’t capsize – Great! Not just paddling – a campfire cookery course too!"

"Sean was very friendly and personable. It would have been interesting to have more advanced tandem techniques introduced. Overall very happy."

"Nice coaching skills at start of trip – really helped my arms ache less. Lovely thanks! I would use Wild River for future paddlesports qualifications – I’m on the mailing list."

"Sean has a fantastic sense of humour and is a brilliant coach. He went over some stuff I already knew, but a lot of new stuff taught in a fun manner."

"Excellently led, learnt a lot and progressed more each day. Given good advice all over for both paddling and camping."

"Really enjoyed it. Sean lead the exped very well and provided lots of help and advice. I learnt lots and got help / advice when needed."



Wild River Course Calendar


Tandem Canoe Coaching

Learn the secrets of tandem canoe paddling from our most experienced coach.

Come and join us for two days tandem canoe coaching on the beautiful river Tay in Perthsire Scotland.

Tandem Canoe Coaching

On this journey we will look at:

  • Precise boat manoeuvring for tandem canoes.
  • Reading river features.
  • Route planning in white water.
  • Effective use of river features for boat control.
  • Decision making strategies.
  • White water swimming techniques.
  • Effective boat rescue strategies.
  • Having fun in white water.

Tandem Canoe Coaching


We will provide you with all the technical equipment you need from our extensive range of high quality kit.

This will include:

  • A very well outfitted open canoe with a kneeling thwart and appropriate flotation.
  • Drysuit if you want to wear one.
  • Vertical Element (VE) high quality adjustable length canoe paddle.
  • Top quality white water buoyancy aid.
  • White water helmet.
  • Small drybag to carry your non electronic valuables and lunch.
  • Spare clothing can be carried on the trip in one of our larger dry bags.

If you already have the above equipment, please bring it along.

We would like you to bring:

  • Clothing to wear under a drysuit, including a couple of thermal layers and some warm socks.
  • Sturdy footwear such as trainers or substantial wet boots but not walking boots. Note that thick socks and drysuit feet take up more room so make sure the footwear allows for this.
  • Lunch for each day.

If you don't have any of the above equipment please contact us as we can probably provide it, if given appropriate notice.

Tandem Canoe Coaching

Looking forward to a great course!

Course Dates

Dates to be arranged

Course fee includes all technical equipment.

Tandem Canoe River Tay
Tandem Canoe Coaching

Tandem Canoe Coaching

Additional Info

We have very good quality drysuits available for your use. However if you are not expecting to swim on purpose it is often more comfortable to paddle in some thermal layers and waterproof trousers. Please do bring your waterproofs and thermals. If you chose to spend the day in waterproofs rather than a drysuit, we can carry a full set of spare thermals so if an unexpected swim happens you can change into dry thermals.

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