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What our clients say...

"It's only one day after training and I am missing paddling on Derwent Water already!
I wish to express my sincere thanks to you both for such a fabulous week of training. The course was fun, well organised, inspirational and the technical knowledge you guys have is mind blowing.  Your coaching styles and the way you both adapted the sessions to the individual needs was truly inspiring!  I have attended many Level 1 and Level 2 courses and I have to say this has to be the most fun and inspirational course so far. Actually, the best one so far...  I will most definitely be returning to Wild River for my Level 2.

"Please pass on a special thanks to Ian for his support and advise when needed.  With only being a beginner and paddling since January, at one point I did feel slightly overwhelmed as the rest of the group were experience paddlers. Ian obviously picked up on this and gave me words of encouragement and support.  A HUGE, HUGE thank you."

"Thank you Wild River for helping me flourish in one of the most exciting sports!"

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Why choose Wild River?

We asked our clients...


"Why did you choose Wild River?"

Reputation for high quality coaching.

Well priced and website was very professional.

Pleased with previous course.

Good reviews.

Heard lots of good stuff.

I want the best coaching and you guys deliver it. Highly recommended by everyone.

Local and known.

Very well known and heard lots of good things.

To help with my progression in the sport. Previous course. Website good for info.

Happy with quality and service.

Proven record of providing great courses.

Heard it was a good course.

Communications and help previously had. Very good and encouragement of all. Quality setup.

Right course, right time.

Impressed with previous course.

Convenience of course dates.

Local and very reasonable priced. Sean helpful when I contacted him.

Professional looking website, recommended by a friend and very reasonable price.

Local and past experience really good.

Sean and Ian are great.

Heard good things.

Good price, dates to suit, good location.

Because you run the course over 3 days and not 2!

High standard of coaching.

Because Sean always gives me a happy ending.

Like how assessments are run. Like Sean's coaching style. Like to feel I have earned a qualification.

Positive experience of a 3 star WW course. Ian was a good coach, you get better at a thing by learning from people who are good at it.

Knew the quality would be good.

Liked the new website.

Availability of course, location, price and standard very high.

Always use them. Awesome!.

Location and price.

Excellent coaching.

Known and trusted.

Sean's a sound guy!

Great atmosphere, really knowledgeable coaches. Chose Wild River because I like the style and approach to courses, ways of learning, relaxed atmosphere. Level of challenge is really important - always pushes me to get better.

Previous experience with WR and reputation for very high quality courses with experienced and highly capable coaches.

Partly for location but also because the company has a website with plenty of information. Pleased that the course was held - I've had experience with other providers cancelling at the last minute.

Had rolling classes before and the progression was so great that it was ideal to do my canoe with them.

I was a body on a level 2 assessment and thought Sean was awesome, convenient venues too.

Great coaching and equipment provided and reliable.

After Googling asked around - seemed to have good reputation, especially Sean is very well known in outdoor circles.

Good cost for the course.

I heard you were good.

For the banter.

Easy to book onto.

Previous courses of a high standard. Banter.

Reputation for high quality coaching.

Used before, really impressed.

Have done a few courses with Sean now and really like the way he supports.

I like the style of courses and how they are run.

Reputation, location.

I know Sean and I know he is a great coach.

Excellent well qualified instructors.

Because of the brilliant rep Wild River has.

Used before, very happy.

Consistently good courses with Sean. Fantastic instructor with a brilliant ability to improve skill and confidence - would struggle with anyone else.

Local and great.

Done a few courses with Sean already and he is awesome.

Because of the high quality coaching, combined with simple /effective methods that work reliably in real situations.

Testimonials on website.

Always do, I enjoy the coaching style.

Low cost and close proximity.

Very good previous experience.

Good previous experience, value for money.

Sean and all his staff are known to be of a high standard.

Because of previous standard of course.

Your website is fantastic - possibly one of the best watersport coaching websites I've seen. Also your courses are brilliant (but you already know that!)

The coaching I received when I did my Level 1 was excellent and brought my personal boating on loads. I could have done the course cheaper elsewhere but WR will make me a better boater.

Heard excellent things.

From first impression of the website, it looked very professional.

Good banter, motivational attitude of instructors and other candidates.

Heard good reports from friends who had done previous courses.

They were very highly recommended by everyone who knew them.

Hearsay about quality of coaching.

Feedback and testimonials on website.

Seemed a really good website, then Sean called and was able to speak to me - thus providing personal service.

I really liked Sean's teaching style.

Because most flexible and most volume of date options.

It was in the local area and a good price.

Was told it was very good, so I wanted to find out.

Website looked good and dates suited me.

Good reputation and previous experiences.

Because they are in Cumbria and deliver excellent standard on courses.

Recommended by Ian and also other people I work with.

Lakes based, know I'm getting good assessors.

High standards - challenging! I know I will get a thorough grilling, good feedback and a solid qualification.

Local and good reputation.

Previous experience with professionalism.

Recommendation / dates and kit supplied.

A friend said you were good.

Heard about the good standard of courses.

Because you are obviously the best.

Best in the industry.

Been on 2 courses previously which were excellent.

Informative, thorough and professional.

Good timing of course.

Quality of coaching and location ie Lakes / Scotland.

Heard good things - well recommended.

Because Sean is awesome.

Proven record for quality courses.


I knew the quality of coaching was high from previous course.

Local and recommended.

Convenience of date / location and opportunity to do training as a refresher.

Professional. Wanted the best coaching and know that I'm not getting coaches who don't care.

Excellent coaches, wouldn't go anywhere else.

Reputation and location. Martin, Sean and Kellie have all been excellent at sorting my unusual situation.

For the banter… Will Tranter told me to write this.

Like Sean's coaching!

They're the best.

Excellent experience when I attended training and I knew this would give very focused input leading to confidence and personal improvement in coaching skills.

As was impressed with the coaching, information and suited all individual needs.

Good past experience.

Quality of coaching.

Why not! Who is better than Sean.

Evident accreditations shown on website. Clear, approachable and well arranged website.

Good reputation and previous experience with Sean.

Got recommended that is a good course and good people that run it.

Had heard good things from other people who had done the same course and allowed me to do 2 Star as part of course.

Great service!

I've done many courses and trust that they provide solid courses.

Heard Sean was a fantastic coach with high standards. Wanted to be confident in my own level of ability so if I passed I knew I was of a good standard.

Heard good things and local course.

Quality of reputation.

Reputation and previous experience of high quality paddlesports courses.

Dates fitted well and previous experience with Wild River has always been excellent.

Constant quality paddlesport courses.

Enjoyed previous courses.

Very good past experiences.

Never let me down.

Heard of before. Heard good things.

Because you're good!

I like the no nonsense approach.

Previous good experience.

Because its high quality.

Enjoyed previous course.

One of the best paddle sports providers.

Good comments from other people.

Sean is a very good coach who explains everything in a way that is understood by the whole group.

Great company.

Previous experiences and excellent reputation.

Done L1 and L2 training and was very impressed (particularly compared to what other people have said about their L2). Still am impressed!

Previous courses I have enjoyed.

Regarded as a high standard coach.

I have enjoyed previous courses and gained a lot from them.

Proven record, high standard of coaches.

Think one of the best BCU course providers.

Previous good experience.

For Sean's wonderful smile and he's a pretty good coach.

Convenient location.

I heard it was a good un / liked website.

Good reputation and course was at right time.

It was local to me and came with good reputation.

Only course running.

The course ran a good set of dates for me.

Seemed prolific in number of courses and levels.

Sean has a legendary status amongst a lot of my peers. Mostly because you're local though.

Previous experience of Wild River - which is why it is so hard find points you could improve.

Have done previous courses, all of which were great.

My paddling friends recommended Wild River.

Good reviews.

Told it was good.

Reputation and timing of course - ability to hire boats etc.

I heard good feedback.

I liked your resume on the website. Excellent website generally. Your qualifications are exceptional.

Dates of course.

Good dates. Local.

Local provider.

Excellent reputation and patient instructors.

Because if I pass I know I deserve it and if I fail it's also fair. Good feedback (not just what I want to hear).

Been on courses before and enjoyed them.

Close and wanted to know what Sean was like.

Great recommendation.

Have done level 2 before and was good.

Good reputation.

Quality and regularity of courses offered.

Sean was recommended by a very highly respected coach.

Enjoyed a previous course.

Excellent provider and good instructors, well organised, enthusiastic and up to date knowledge.

Coz you ain't too shabby.

Sean's reputation, distance from home, ability to borrow boats.

Great staff, lots of experience.

Well recommended by others.

Quality paddlesports coaching.

Previous courses were good.

Quality reputation.

Combined rate and course dates.

From the high quality of previous course.

Know the staff and feel confident in them and how / what they teach.

High standard of coaching.

I heard good reports.

Recommended, good reviews and close. Seems organised with good experienced staff.

Good recommendations of teaching, location and availability.

High standard. If I can pass a Wild River course I am happy I will have been made to work hard to achieve in comparison to other providers. Also the help and support throughout.

Reputation and venue.

I like the delivery style and feel comfortable with the staff.

Always give lots of help and aim to improve your skills.

Website and info on the site.

Have done courses before. Reminded by Facebook. Quality of coaching by Sean, lots of recommendation.


For the sticker.

Previous good experience on course.

It came up at the right time, came recommended, local base, cost, Border kayaks recommended. Thank you Sean and Martin.

Heard good things about you and it was local.

Good reputation and recommended.

Like the coaching style.

Enjoy Sean's style of coaching.

Recommended and previous course great.

Such good experiences on previous courses.

Good reputation for quality. Compared to other courses with other providers, I know I can trust your decisions, pass or fail.

Always have, always will. Paddled with Sean since Uni. Sean in infamous!

Various courses. Well recommended.

Done courses before, always been good.

Right location, good information online.

Fantastic tuition with very knowledgable coaches.

Nice location and high quality kit and instructor.

Everyone says it's RAD!

Because of dates, but I would recommend based on quality.

Had heard really good things about courses.

Professional, full time instructor.

Due to my impression from the 2 star award.

Exceptionally high standard of training they always deliver.

Sean, why else?

Excellent reputation. Having done a previous Level 2 training course elsewhere, I didn't feel that I benefitted enough. This course has filled the gaps and added more. Brilliant value for money.

It is good that Sean has time to talk to individuals and can answer all of those stupid questions. I like working with Sean. I think it is a "Proper" pass not just given easily.

Looked professional from website and the course dates fitted.

Good follow up from initial contact. Good manner. Good can do attitude and flexibility.

Quality of coaching.

Proximity, very good looking web site.

Previously used and good feedback from friends that have used Wild River.

Based on recommendations from others and local to Cumbria.

Quality of previous course.

They're awesome!!

Because I know if I pass I deserve to pass.

Have provided many courses for me previously and I highly appreciate the honesty and input.

Best overall feedback form other customers.

Word of mouth / reputation.

Like the style and approach.

Googled Canoe Leader Training.

Quality provider.

Website had info I wanted. Recommendation of colleagues.

Recommended by Patterdale and good dates for me.

High standard of coaching.

Excellent coaching.

Best instructors I have come across.

It's the best there is!

Highly recommended by my future employer.

Reputation as being one of the best.

Good website, current content.

Course dates, quality of instruction.

They're the best.

Sean is great and I know I will learn lots.

Previous courses were fantastic with Sean.


Why wouldn't you?

My brother made the decision - a perfect choice.

I liked the reviews. I liked what the company offers. I liked Sean's CV and I fancied a course in Cumbria (though it was in Perthshire!)

High standard of coaching.

Clear and accessible website was easy to navigate and offered a diverse range of courses.

Good reputation and personal recommendation.


You were running the course I needed but I'd choose you now because of the quality of this course.

Recommended by Baz Greensides but also the website had dates and prices on. No other does! Love your free online resources!

High standard of coaching and led by experienced and passionate people.

3 day course seemed much better, loved coaching and approach on previous course.

It seemed like a good company, and was.

I enjoy Sean's style of doing.

Wanted to try a different kayak out.

Very good reputation within the outdoor community.

Good website content.

Very competent coach that understands all info and can deliver it in a way that makes sense.

Sean's teaching style mostly along with the location.

I've done a course with Sean before and was very happy.

Because I've been before and knew I wanted to come back.

Amazing previous course and excellent recommendation form others.

Guys, you have a very strong reputation internationally!

Because of Fiona. Amazing person, adventurous but always there to help.

Previous courses with Sean have been informative and enjoyable. Better than elsewhere.

Previous experience, gave good impression, enjoyed courses and wanted to come back.

I knew they are always nice people who don't make me feel like an idiot if I have questions. They also explain things very well.

Recommended by others that it would be fun and relaxed.

Because they're great!

Good value for money, local.

Good reputation.

Very friendly and informative.

Highly recommended.

Always use Wild River. Just great coaching!

Wanted to do course with someone with a broad range of paddlesport involvement.

Had feedback from people who had been on previous courses with Wild River, that course was detailed and run at a high level with high expectations from students.

I read Sean's bio on the web and was very interested in his coaching style.

I knew of others that have used Wild River and comments have been excellent.

Was told it was an excellent course and great value for money.

Location - ease of getting there. Website - clear and easy to understand. Prompt responses.

Great feedback from friends and colleagues who have been on courses.

Best coaches and people I've ever done a course with, value for money too.

Because it was so good last time.


Seen as highest standard in paddlesports.

Recommended and looked more professional and organised than others.

Great reputation.

Course summary appeared to fit my needs.


Done loads of courses with Sean. I like the style of all the people who have worked with you! Will do more.

From previous experience of doing courses with Wild River.

Because the standard is so high and I know how to learn well with Sean.

Reputation and previous good experience.

Highly recommended to me.

Fi is a great instructor that works with us at Lakeside

Sean’s bio interested me.

I like the style and approach to courses, ways of learning, relaxed atmosphere. Level of challenge is really important - always pushes me to get better.

Wanted to see other providers way of coaching in the outdoors.

Good coaching - previous knowledge of how the team work and progress participants. Local, quality, flexibility.

Previous courses have been excellent.

Used before and was excellent.

Dates, location and helpfullness.

Had positive experience on previous course.

Because of the quality coaching.

Word of mouth, reputation.

Previous course I attended was run to a high standard so I wanted to to keep with the same coach for continuity.

Knew the training would highlight my known flaws. Sean wouldn't beat about the bush telling me straight.

I wanted to try a new provider in a new place and I had heard good things about Sean's coaching and high standards.

Excellent quality of coaching provided.

They're the best, I always leave Wild River courses super happy and a lot more knowledgeable.

Already done courses and wanted to do the assessment with the same people I did my training.

Cos Sean is a dude.

I have done courses with Wild River before. I enjoy the way Sean assesses and I know now what is expected of me.



"Did you get what you expected from the course?"

"Excellent course, great instructors, fun and informative, learnt a huge amount."

"Yes! Very enjoyable, challenging but very worth it."

"Course met / exceeded my expectations, felt that I had made good progression throughout the weekend."

"Canoes brilliant, boats straight and good variety. Got more from the course than expected, lots of personal care and attention given."

"Excellent, best 3 days of paddling I’ve done. I felt pushed in my leadership and personal paddling but formally supported. Given really good breakdown of skills. Keep using the video feedback, it works. Ian was able to gauge where I was at. I didn’t feel pushed to do anything."

"Well structured course with excellent progression. Lots delivered on the course with plenty to take away. Information before the course was very useful that allowed all necessary preparation. The course met my needs perfectly. Technical content was delivered thoughtfully to ensure constant challenges and with time to absorb the information."

"I had a really good two days and felt like we progressed enormously. Course was great, we did much more than I had expected and my confidence has grown tenfold. We were given individual feedback which was very productive."

"Exactly what I wanted and more. Incredibly well catered for."

"Staff were awesome and knew exactly what each person needed to do to improve, which really helped me. I got more than expected from the course and really believe I have learnt more than I thought I would."

"Great delivery on technical and coaching aspects, very much personalised to each session need, with a great awareness of when people were struggling. Really appreciated the individuality of the delivery and feedback. Great course, thanks very much Sean, keep doing what you’re doing and hopefully see you for a Level 2."

"Adapted perfectly to what I needed to do. Got more than expected, much better paddler by the end of the course."

"Excellent. All information was clear and any questions were answered. Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. I felt I gained a significant amount of personal development as well as becoming a stronger leader".

"Current and relevant information. Experience was very personal and real in a very useful way. Learnt lots, contrast to previous 4 star training. Lots to take away and develop. Skills day was very useful – nice to separate the leadership from technical skills. Course felt tailored to my needs and aims."

"High quality course. Made the best out of the conditions, always working towards a goal, learning point. Level of challenge was great. I’ve come away more confident. Always individualised. Excellent, appropriate to my personal needs."

"It's been one of the toughest courses I've ever done in terms of personal development - I really enjoyed myself and I've learnt a lot about coaching, skill delivery, canoeing and myself. Thank you very much!! Your time and patience with me has been very much appreciated."

"Course met / exceeded my expectations, felt that I had made good progression throughout the weekend."

"It has been a great eye opener for me. These last four days have been enjoyable, hard work, fun, learning and all this could not have been possible without the the Wild River boys, so thank you very much."

"Learnt lots to take forward into all areas – not just paddling. Good breakdown and simplifying coaching models / ideas. Technical breakdown of manoeuvres was really good to see. In depth knowledge clear.  All detail given in first morning then repeated and demonstrated throughout the course allowing it all to really sink in. Loads of practical stuff rather than endless chat. Felt like we were the priority and not the students which is goof for our learning. Real emphasis on getting lots fitted in."

"I learnt a lot throughout the course and I developed mu skills dramatically. It helped me see and understand what equipment is best for me, example boat size. It built my confidence when being on white water and I enjoyed myself throughout the course. I learnt how to use my paddle more efficiently and I understood everything taught. Everything was tailored for me developing my skills and enjoying myself."

"Excellent instruction helped me progress and improve rapid running."

"Well organised and a lot of good technique help and fun!!! Lots of help in the info pack and also useful course guides. Got lots out of the course and learnt a lot. Had high expectations and this was met. Wild River is great!!!"

"Really good teaching. I am a lot more confident in a kayak. Lovely boat, lovely paddle, brilliant kit. It was exactly as expected, lovely. I have learned many new skills from the course. Just really good."

"I learnt how to safely take people on a journey, which is what it’s all about, so yes!

"Course was just what I was looking for. Pre-course information contained everything I needed and was straight to the point. All my questions were answered during the course and I had a lot! Thanks for the lend of the boat. Surprised we got such good helmets."

"Very thorough and very enjoyable, even in the repetitive points. More of a challenge than expected. Brilliant! Thanks a million, it's been a cracking learning experience and fun also."

"Yes I passed!"

"Very happy with venues, good size of group, well organised. I feel the personal paddling coaching really helped and I have progressed a lot in the last two days. Another great course Sean!"

"Feel 100% more confident in swimming / operating in graded water and acquired new skills. Clear and practiced different methods not just talked about also looking at where technical aspects can be applied."

"Beyond all expectations. Sean was excellent at directing individual comments and challenges - suitable for the person. With such excellent service and attention to detail, with the coaching being spot on, we will definitely return."

"A useful look at putting theory into practice and a chance to observe coaching sessions. Sean happy to let learning to happen in a way that was student led for greater impact!"

"Very good range of technical info re coaching processes and boat based activities. When possible, good variation of classroom and water based sessions. Very good personal feedback and tips and friendly approach. Course led by very professional, competent, friendly and appropriate coaches, thanks."

"Structured well around the people on the course and moved along at a good pace. Filled the gaps in my knowledge and gave the reasons why we use particular techniques. Improved my techniques in the key areas that I needed.”



"What was your overall impression of the course?"

"Amazing as always!"

"Excellent instruction helped me progress and improve rapid running."

“The course was very well delivered, scenarios and practical aspects enjoyable and interesting."

"Coach kept the course fun and enjoyable at all times whilst covering all theoretical aspects. Felt well involved in all scenarios.”

"Very chilled and a happy atmosphere to learn in. Learnt so much and gave me skills to develop myself and others further."

"Great! Wet and wild. Ian was a great coach alongside Sean. Martin is great at being concise and precise. Equipment all great. Learnt more than expected."

"Brilliant. Well paced, great delivery. All equipment in per fect working order. Information all spot on, accurate and helpful."

"Well run, enjoyable, fun and relaxed atmosphere. 100% couldn’t be better!"

"Excellent. Kept us moving in the cold but still managed to teach all the necessary skills. Despite very last minute booking I was made aware of everything I needed. All the equipment I used was excellent."

"Very well presented, really engaging, gave me the information I now need to take away. Gained a lot of information that I can now put into practice and use when coaching. Given clear, concise pre-course information. Technical information got me to think about what I am doing and how to break it down. As well as having the ability to perform a skill to a good level I have learnt about thinking about the skill, what I am doing and how I am passing this information on."

“Overall tough, exciting, informative, opportunities to push myself, exhausting!! Great pdf attachment on the emails. Technical content at correct level and time to practice."

"Very good course, learnt a lot, enjoyed myself and made new friends. Technical content was well structured and paced. Both instructors worked hard to meet the individual needs of the students, but without interfering with course progress. Thanks!"

"A good experience. Well judged in terms of understanding the groups abilities and how to make progress in the right areas. Ian clearly had the measure of my abilities and mental state and so gave me the attention and advice when I needed it."

"Coach kept the course fun and enjoyable at all times whilst covering all theoretical aspects. Felt well involved in all scenarios.”

"Enjoyed it, had fun, learned appropriate stuff, set realistic further development tasks. Given comprehensive pre-course information. Kept up to date under changing circumstances, course went ahead after some uncertainty over river levels. Assessment of where I am in terms of personal skill and leadership – positive development discussions.  I was listened to and included fully in all discussions, given equal opportunities."

"Excellent as always. Martin communicated well with us. Boats, paddle, drysuit all great condition."

"Excellent and fun!! Better than I anticipated. Thank you for accommodating my bad back. Sean very helpful and responsive. Course left me feeling inspired! Pitched extremely well."

"Great course, covered skills in depth, great delivery, felt safe. Really felt some progress. Good communications. I was offered baots and paddles to try. This was excellent, VE paddles are amazing!!"

"Very exciting, lots of new things, full on! It was great that a varied level ability group all managed to get something out of it and all treated as individuals. Thanks for a great intro to rivers and lots of reinforcement of existing skills. Even when I was frustrated, Sean was a very patient teacher."

"Lots of knowledge and skills covered, information provided was simple and to the point. Good focus on C.L.A.P. and sailing - had time for personal coaching as well. Sean was always willing to listen to any questions I had. Thanks for another fantastic course!"

"Good course with clear outcomes. I liked the sessions were made as practical as possible. Very nice equipment and well fitted. Good to see real examples of sessions used. Ones that were appropriate for the group."

“The course was very well delivered, scenarios and practical aspects enjoyable and interesting."

"Excellent course - fantastic instructors with bags of enthusiasm for the sport. The depth of instruction was far greater than any course I have attended (even high grade courses). I leave this course with a firm foundation to progress and inspire new paddlers. Many thanks!"

“Great explanations and directions from instructor. Techniques and procedures were explained in an easy to understand manner."

"Very good. Will certainly look to use Wild River again. Good variety of boats available. Excellent course – leaving with a lot to work on / think about (which is good). Learnt a lot especially in open boat. Benefitted from sessions on accelerating boat forwards and backgrounds."

"Clear and well delivered. All pre-course information was excellent, easy to ready and came in a timely manner. High quality equipment and in good condition. A very useful refresher for my confidence."

"Great, very focused and intense, but very calm and a good learning atmosphere. Great to have the chance to work in sea kayaks for a change. Cheers, a great, if tiring few days."

"Hugely informative and very beneficial to my performance on the water. High end Wild River kit making paddling easier and more efficient. Learnt new skills and helped fight bad habits."

"Really well run course, despite the amount of people. Organisation was great. Excellent feedback from both leaders. I believe you understand my personality and matched my feedback and instructions to match."

"Fi is an brilliant teacher and ran the course very well."

“Great explanations and directions from instructor. Techniques and procedures were explained in an easy to understand manner."

"Very professional and safe. Good variety of land and boat skills. Lots of content. Everything was a new skill therefore vastly improved knowledge and practical skills. Gained lots of news skills and massive amount of confidence on the water. Overall, excellent. No pressure to do anything we didn’t want to, but lots of support and encouragement."

"The course was well organised, broken down into bitesize chunks with mix of listening and activities to keep warm. Regularly swim when paddling so more skills to self rescue very useful."

"Professional, expertly delivered. Good communications, all in good time."

"Felt like it ran smoothly, very positive. Everything explained very well. I improved on all aspects. Felt advice and leader knowledge was brilliant."

"Good course with lots of practical time. Time on the water was very good. Information was sent out well in advance with simple instructions."

"Great – easy going and adapted to eveyone’s needs. Lots of knowledge shared and always time for an explanation. Lots of opportunity to talk about sections and had time for me when needed. Lots of technical knowledge and gained a lot from it."

"Good selection of clients. Loads of info and still felt quite relaxed. Loads of information and constant updates prior to the course. Really good breakdown of first day. All equipment offered was great. Not all clients realised they needed it. A lot of opportunities to increase leading knowledge and chances to talk to other leaders."

"Very good in all aspects. The training was excellent and properly prepared me for the course. Constructive feedback."

"Really enjoyed it. Learned loads! Well delivered and managed to ensure all syllabus areas covered. All pre-course information was clear – no uncertainty about anything. Used a paddle and knee pad, as well as poles and sail etc all very good quality."

"Very well run throughout. Very informative with plenty of time to practise set tasks for personal and leading skills. Course information was received with enough time to sort everything out beforehand.. Everything provided was excellent."

“Very well run, lots of information to take in and loots of new ideas to take away and use. Overall very enjoyable course, learnt a lot from it will definitely be using Wild River in future.”

"I knew where to be and what to bring and Martin responded promptly to my questions. Fi was great and adapted everything to the individual ability."

"Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Found the tasks challenging but rewarding. Pace of course was excellent and instructor instilled confidence in all individuals. Would highly recommend the course to others and would not hesitate to take another course with Sean McGrath."

"Lots of input and lots of feedback given throughout course. Learned loads and really enjoyed course. Thank you!"

"Liked different types of boats available to try. The course was at a higher standard than expected. Very technical throughout which was excellent."

"Excellent laid back approach but managing to cover all aspects in a very professional manner. Nice selection of boats."



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