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Kayak rolling training in Cumbria



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What our clients say...

"Sean delivered an amazing rolling clinic. he taught me new ways to improve my roll and gave me a action plan to help with future development. Always a pleasure to learn from him as he keeps the sessions fun and informative, with just the right amount of feed back and question to get you thinking about the movements."

"0 – 60 in 20secs – well 18mths maybe. My swimming & self rescues were stronger than my rolling 18mths ago – not having a roll on WW didn’t stop me paddling
rivers that maybe needed a roll. The final straw was after an AWWSR, and eventually a conversation with Sean – not sure he realised how much of a
challenge he was taking on – I had some sort of a roll but my first instinct when I went over was to get out.

Over 18mths, 4 coaching days and lots of questions, my mentality of grabbing the loop on my spraydeck is dissipating – I now have a roll on both sides.
Successful rolls are happening on moving water now – it’s been hard work, lots of practice, frustration, fun(!!) a lot of patience from Sean BUT a huge step for me. One of the hardest things has been ignoring the ‘helpful’ suggestions from fellow paddlers and focusing on what’s right – using markers/video. What’s also
made a difference is working with someone that’s been happy to work with what they see rather than judging me on what I can or can’t do. 18mths ago I wouldn’t even contemplate hanging upside down now if a roll doesn’t work, on either side, I’ll try again or switch to the side I know works.

Me staying in my boat trying is a massive thing for me to – I’ve done a bow rescue AND stayed in my boat and let Sean pull the boat (and me!) back over – small things for others but ones that leave me with a big grin on my face."


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Rolling Sessions

Rolling a kayak is a complex skill that requires the completion of a range of different movements at the same time, whilst holding your breath!

kayak rolling training in Cumbria

We have years of experience in teaching this skill in a way that will translate into successful rolling in white water, sea or surf. All coaching is delivered by our own top class coaches.

We recommend that you book a series of sessions to allow the quality learning to be embedded.

These sessions are run between 8pm and 10pm on either Wednesday or Thursday evenings at a small local swimming pool in the North Lakes. We aim to get the most out of these sessions by being there before 8pm, getting in the water at 8pm, therefore making the most of the 2 hours pool time.

Maximum class size is 4.

Cost is £55 per person, per session. If only 2 people the cost is £75 per person, per session and we expect candidates to book at least 2 sessions within a reasonable period. Cost includes the use of a kayak.

Meet at Wild River HQ an hour prior to first session to fit out boats, or meet at the pool at 7 30pm. If bringing your own boat make sure your boat is spotless inside. To do this the airbags need to be removed and the footrests loosened to allow a good hose out. One great way to achieve this is to use a vaccuum cleaner when the inside of the boat is dry.

learning to roll

What you need:

  • Kayak - make sure the boat is a very good fit for you. Feel free to discuss this with us.
  • Paddle and neoprene spraydeck.
  • Paddling shoes. These will protect your ankles and feet as they will be tucked snugly in your boat for 2 hours.
  • Towel and swimming clothes - the pool is very warm but feel free to wear shorts and tee shirts to give a little bit more protection.
  • We recommend a nose clip for the first few sessions to help keep the water out. Ear plugs would also be a good idea.

Due to the changing system at the pool we have access to one changing room at the start of the sessions but then can use male and female rooms at the end.

Up coming sessions

Dates to be arranged.

Kayak rolling

Additional Info
Sessions must be booked and paid for in advance.
Minimum number required to allow sessions to run is 3.

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