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What our clients say...

"For a new course it seemed very well established. There was a variety of craft to try and paddles and all of a very good quality. Technical content was all pitched at just the right level for ease of understanding. Individual feedback was consistent - accurately demonstrated the areas that need improvement. I'm glad I came to you guys. Loved it!"

"Course very well delivered and coached, good atmosphere throughout and good knowledge. Received lots of information with ample opportunity for communication. Very good equipment and variety. A high level of information delivered to a high standard. Very good instruction with good clear reviews on all aspects. Highly recommended."

"Good mix of theory and practical – liked that the second weekend was more hands on. Flexible to the needs of those on the course.  Lots of opportunity to ask questions or get personal feedback."

"Good course, all theoretical stuff great, could have benefited more if I was paddling at a higher standard. Good well fitting kayaks to try and adjustable to understand connectivity. Learned a lot about how to coach and what to look for. Some good models of correct technical stuff to coach."


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British Canoeing Awarding Body

Canoe and/or Kayak Coach (Sheltered Water)

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Sheltered water coaches develop fundamental boat movement in flat water that could have force 3 wind. The training course covers both canoe and kayak and can be attended in both or one craft.

Who should do this course?

  • Paddlers who wish to work with students to coach improvement beyond introductory sessions will enjoy this course.
  • Club coaches who wish to further develop coaching.
  • Outdoor professionals who wish to provide higher level British Canoeing awards.

Water park Adventure Centre

The training course will look at:

  • Goal setting and matching teaching strategies to the aims and the duration of the session.
  • Technical understanding of fundamental boat movement and development of technical templates.
  • Boat outfitting and sizing of equipment.
  • Skill breakdown.
  • Practice tasks to enable clear observation and analysis.
  • Development of progressions to link learning.
  • Use of intrinsic feedback strategies.
  • Reflective practice.

All students will leave the course with a clear and precise action plan towards assessment. This will include feedback on:

  • Technical understanding and knowledge of technical templates.
  • Coaching delivery.
  • Rescue skill.

Sheltered Water Coach Award

How can Wild River help prepare you for the assessment?

Great coaches will have an in depth knowledge of the craft in the environment. You might decide to add your knowledge by:

  • Attending a Wild River intermediate skills course.
  • Completing the Canoe Performance Award to improve technical understanding and personal skill.
  • Revisiting rescue training.
  • Create a coaching group and bring us in to mentor you for a day.
  • Receive some individualised bespoke training.

How does assessment work?


On an assessment candidates will deliver a coaching session to between 2 and 4 students lasting a minimum of 90 minutes. Candidates can choose to complete the assessment towards both canoe and kayak or just one craft.

To complete the assessment the students must be seen to have developed their paddling skill related to the goals agreed between the candidate and the students
Over the course of the assessment candidates will be asked to demonstrate the appropriate rescue skills for the environment.

Prior to an assessment you will be given the opportunity to contact the students to gather information about their ability, equipment needs and aspirations for the day. You will be encouraged to plan the day in detail with logistical support from Wild River if necessary.

Two weeks prior to the assessment we will need:

  • Proof of pre-requisites check from Paddle UK
    A completed professional discussion task.

Wild River runs single day assessments with dates on the website. Alternatively 1-1 assessments can be set up on dates that suit the individual.


Sheltered water coach training

Training Dates

16,17 September 2024

Course fee: £220 (Fee includes the use of boats).

Assessment Dates

Dates to be arranged.

Course fee: £270 for 1 -2

We can also offer 1 to 1 coach assessments at a cost of £350. Contact us

Training Prerequisites

Full home nation association membership (Paddle England, Paddle Scotland, Canoe Wales, Paddle Northern Ireland).

Completed Core Coach Training or completed old Level 2 Coach Training.


Full home nation association membership (Paddle England, Paddle Scotland, Canoe Wales, Paddle Northern Ireland).

Registration with Paddle UK via your membership portal.

Coach Award e-Learning - available upon registration.

Completed Core Coach Training.

Completed Discipline Specific Training (Sheltered Water).

Valid First Aid. (Minimum 1- day course within 3 years).

Minimum age 16 years at the time of assessment.

How to register British Canoeing

British Canoeing Level 1 Course GuideRegistration Costs


British Canoeing Coach Award Course GuideCoach Award Course Documents

Wild River Session PlannerWR Session Planner

Wild River Crib SheetObservation and Analysis Crib Sheet

Coach Award e-learning

Wild River manoeuvres for sheltered waterManoeuvres for Sheltered Water

Rescue skills check listRescue Skills Check List

How to Register Video

British Canoeing Coach Assessment Day PackAssessment Day Pack

British Canoeing Assessment Discussion Task ExampleAssessment Discussion Task Example

British Canoeing Environmental DefinitionsEnvironmental Definitions

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