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What our clients say...

"Excellent course, great instructors, fun and informative, learnt a huge amount."

"Good all round equipment, very appropriate and high standard. Lots of theory - got my brain working about the skills of the course. "

"Very chilled and a happy atmosphere to learn in. Learnt so much and gave me skills to develop myself and others further."

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Do you want to safely get out on the sea or large lakes and have great fun?

Maybe you want to explore and investigate our coastal areas, paddle to areas only accessible to small craft, quietly view wildlife or enjoy the journey in excellent surroundings; maybe travelling with equipment to wild camp or enjoy food and company outdoors. Sea kayaks are excellent vehicles for journeying on larger expanses of water and our wonderful sea. They are efficient journeying craft in which equipment can be carried to out of the way places. Whether you are new to paddlesport, wish to be guided on a journey or you wish to develop your personal paddling skills or are travelling as an individual, group or family then Wild River has the experience and fully qualified British Canoe Union coaches and instructors to get you safely on your way.

As with all water-based activity there are key safety and equipment considerations: where better to learn about safe kayaking than with Wild River in the Lake District with its vast array of rivers, lakes and coastline.

Wild River provides two specific sea kayaking courses that focus on learning how to safely have fun and journey with sea kayaks. However, Wild River is also able to generate a bespoke training or journeying package for you and your family or friends. All sea kayaking courses are run by British Canoe Union coaches who are fully qualified in the river, lake and sea environments.

Introduction to Sea kayaking

Introduction to Sea Kayaking

This one day introductory course provides the essential knowledge to allow you to safely use a sea kayak on sheltered water. The course will be tailored to your specific requirements.

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Improving Your Sea Kayaking

Intermediate Sea Kayaking

If you have mastered the basics and you are ready to take your sea kayak into more adventurous locations then this two day course will provide that vital step-up in knowledge and skill that will allow you to safely progress your sea kayak paddling competencies and range of activities.

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We can tailor a course to your specific needs. 
  • One to one coaching day to improve your paddling skill.
  • Have a great weekend paddling with friends while someone else deals with the logistics.

Wild River can provide all this and much more. Contact us to discuss what you would like and we will do our best to provide it.




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