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What our clients say...

"Received lots of information with ample opportunity for communication. Very good equipment and variety. A high level of information delivered to a high standard. "

"Canoes brilliant, boats straight and good variety. Got more from the course than expected, lots of personal care and attention given."

"Excellent course, great instructors, fun and informative, learnt a huge amount."

"Good all round equipment, very appropriate and high standard. Lots of theory - got my brain working about the skills of the course. "

"Very chilled and a happy atmosphere to learn in. Learnt so much and gave me skills to develop myself and others further."

"Excellent instruction helped me progress and improve rapid running."

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British Canoeing

Performance and Leadership Awards

British Canoeing 2 and 3 Star Awards are now known as Performance Awards.

British Canoeing Leadership Awards were formerly known as 4 and 5 Star Leader Awards.

If you cannot find the course you want at a time that suits please contact us and we will try to meet your needs.Star Awards Course Dates


British Canoeing Performance Awards

This development award will give you the foundation skills that will make you a better all round paddler. Develop the basics correctly at the start and your future progression will be smoother and swifter. With simple explanations of techniques we can improve your paddling in the full range of craft.


We run this course over two days to allow you to improve at the pace you need. Use it as two days of training or purely as an assessment. We can also run a one day assessment if you prefer.


BCU 2 Star Award   3 Star Whitewater Kayak Award

Over the two days we will cover precise flat water manoeuvring; dealing with the wind on open water and how to move the canoe around in simple white water. The perfect continuation from 2 Star .

  Over the two days of this course we will look at all aspects of the 3 Star sea kayak syllabus. We can run this course as a bespoke assessment for small groups in addition to our scheduled dates.
BCU 3 Star Canoe Award   BCU 3 Star Sea Kayak



This course will improve your white water paddling and introduce the leadership strategies to set you on the path to being a 4 Star white water leader.  At the end you will have a better understanding of white water paddling techniques and tactics and have a clear picture of your action plan for assessment.


During this two day assessment you will get the opportunity to lead a real group in a variety of environments. We will also look at personal skill and rescues in moderate white water. We feel that using real students helps put people at ease. No tricks or pretend scenarios, just lead the group.

British Canoeing 4 Star Whitewater Kayak Leader Training   British Canoeing 4 Star Whitewater Kayak Leader Assessment

During the course we will look at open water skill including leadership, sailing, use of rafted canoes and rescues.

On the river we will look at personal skill, leadership options, group management and rescues,along with poling and lining.


During this two day assessment you will lead the group on open water and on a grade 2 river. We will also give you opportunities to display you personal skill and rescue techniques. As always we will make the assessment environment as relaxed as possible.


BCU 4 Star Canoe Leader Training   BCU 4 Star Canoe Leader Assessment
White Water Kayak Leader Training

The training looks at the skills needed to lead in advanced conditions. This includes the most advanced river running techniques, rescue skills and leadership on advanced white water.


During the two days, candidates paddle advanced white water demonstrating good leadership and personal skills along with effective incident management.

We will work very hard to make sure the assessment environment is at the right level and you are able to perform to the best of your ability.

5 Star White Water Training   5 Star White Water Kayak Leader Assessment

This course looks at leadership of small groups in open canoes in advanced conditions. You will operate in windy conditions above force 4 and on grade three white water.


Over the two day assessment we will assess your leadership in the advanced open water and white water environments.  Your coaches will encourage you to display your skills to the best of your ability.

5 Star White Water Kayak Leader Assessment   5 Star Canoe Leader Assessment



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