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What our clients say...

""Received lots of information with ample opportunity for communication. Very good equipment and variety. A high level of information delivered to a high standard."

"Giving longer paddles (of a high standard) made it easier. One to one instructions and directions were given when needed and helped me loads. Thanks heaps, was a thoroughly enjoyable course even in the weather conditions.”"

"Great preparation for my Level 2 assessment - very professional, lots of good information leading to flowing self teaching style."



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Level 2 Paddlesport Coach Preparation

These sessions are an opportunity to accelerate your development to level 2 coach assessment. These days could be used after Level coach 2 training to increase knowledge. They could also be used prior to assessment to make the last small improvements and to make assessment a stress free experience.

Attendance on these two days would also meet the requirements of British Canoeing for students who have allowed their Level 2 coach status to go out of date. It would certainly allow British Canoeing to extend your time to assessment.

Level 2 coach preparation

We believe the days could also be useful to any level 2 coach who wanted to develop their understanding of coaching. It would be a great way to prepare for moderate water endorsement training by improving understanding and coaching of boat handling in canoe and kayaks.

Come and enjoy two days of stress free improvement at an excellent venue in a quiet corner of Coniston, Cumbria.  Use our range of high quality Dagger boats alongside a great fleet of Royalex canoes.

Over the two days we will:

  • Improve your technical understanding of the manoeuvres that a level 2 coach may need.
  • Help you break down skills into small chunks to allow better coaching.
  • Make the small improvements to personal performance to make demonstrations more effective.
  • Help you develop the flags and markers to allow systematic observation for analysis of student performance.
  • Increase technical and tactical knowledge to facilitate better goal setting with your students.
  • Build you bank of tasks to allow easy practice setting.
  • Develop session plan ideas to put across technical or tactical information in a variety of styles.
  • Generate new feedback strategies using resources imaginatively.
  • Help you understand the importance of equipment sizing and how to help students use the correct length paddle and appropriate sized boat.

We will generate the opportunity to work with real students while being supported by the coach.

This will allow you use your increased technical understanding to benefit the students by:

  • Using effective observation tasks to analyse performance.
  • Setting precise goals for students improvement during the coaching episode.
  • Introducing information using the appropriate strategy, be it guided or direct.
  • Set great practice tasks that allow inclusive improvement, whilst encouraging intrinsic (self-check) feed back.
  • Correct performance using the appropriate strategy.
  • Take students through the stages of learning with a balance of blocked and varied practice to facilitate long term learning.
  • Use the right options for closing the session with clear use of reflective practice.


Level2 Coach Preparation
BCU Level 2 Coach Preparation
Level2 Coach Preparation
Level2 Coach Preparation

Ideally you will have completed BCU/UKCC Level 2 Paddlesport Coach Training to benefit from these sessions.


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