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Advanced White Water Kayak Leader Training



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What our clients say...

"Very good course – appropriate venues chosen and highly useful content. Above and beyond expectations, forwards paddling coaching very useful. Spot on – as always!"

"Excellent course,  got lots out of it. Came with open mind  and course was set with a wide variety of information. Technical content was set perfectly for me as I learn with a varied learning style. Brilliant instructor / coach."

"Excellent in that I go away having learnt things specific to my needs and with a clear action plan which detailed what I need to do for assessment. I have improved my understanding in key areas eg planning."

"Excellent environment to learn, challenge ourselves, think about new ideas and put them into practice. Plenty of communication dealing with any queries from both the Wild River office and instructors. Course exceeded expectations. Personal skills have been boosted. Technical content applied without being overwhelming and was given lots more to work on."


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British Canoeing

Advanced White Water Kayak Leader Training

British Canoeing Advanced Water Leadership Awards were formerly known as 5 Star Leader Awards.

The British Canoeing advanced leader award is the highest level of personal performance and leadership available. It is designed for those who can look after other paddlers in advanced environments.

 A great advanced water leader will move smoothly around the river demonstrating effective technique and good line choices. Take the group on the right river with an appropriate level of challenge and you will be able to give them a great day. Allow them to paddle at their own level, supporting them where necessary.

Advanced White Water Kayak Training

During our training course we will develop your personal skill while allowing you the opportunity to lead the group giving you help and feedback along the way. We will help you benchmark yourself against the advanced leader assessment criteria supporting you as you write your action plan to assessment.

We usually run a British Canoeing advanced leader training course immediately prior to an assessment and are very happy for assessment candidates to join and receive extra training or just an update prior to their assessment. It is also sometimes appropriate for advanced leader trainees to be students (guinea pigs) for assessment candidates to lead. Please contact us for details of these options.

During the course we will work on:

Personal skill

  • Technical paddling in advanced conditions
  • Timing and application of forward strokes to get the most from your boof
  • Using features to move around the river to achieve the position of maximum usefulness
  • Down river stroke timing and boat positioning as you hit the charging line
  • Maximum use of core strength to get the most from each stroke
  • Detailed river reading to help get the line right


  • Information gathering tactics and tools
  • Leadership strategies in advanced environments
  • Simple signals and communication tools
  • Matching paddlers to different leadership strategies. When do we encourage paddlers to pick and run their own line and when do we need to give them support.
  • Line choice for different ability paddlers


The rescue skills required for British Canoeing advanced white water kayak leaders are trained on the British Canoeing Advanced White water Safety and Rescue Training. On advanced leader training we will look at how these are assessed.


There are a range of venue options for this course. Although we try to run this course in Cumbria wherever possible, we believe that flexible approach gives us the best chance of running a high quality course. Therefore we keep the option of running the course in Scotland open.

Rivers we use in Cumbria could include Leven, Clough, Swale, Langstrath and Duddon.

Scottish options include central based Bran, Leny, North Esk and Findhorn. West coast - Etive, Orchy, Roy, Spean, Archaig and Findhorn.

Course Dates

21,22 October 2021

Course fee: £200

BCU 5 Star White Water Kayak Leader Training
BCU 5 Star White Water Kayak Leader Training
Advanced White Water Training

British Canoeing White Water Kayak Leader Award (formerly 4 Star) or ‘Old’ Level 3 Coach. Please bring proof of these to the training course.


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Advanced White Water Kayak Leader Training Notes

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White Water Kayak Leader Training




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