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Winner of CN Group Customer Service Excellence Award 2015

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What our clients say...

"Course covered everything I wanted to cover. I felt I’d improved and gained loads more confidence. Instructor was very reassuring and had a lovely manner – didn't’t feel he was picking faults but making suggestions which for me matters a lot!"

"Well taught and a lot of fun, learned a lot. Course tailored perfectly to my needs."

"Very good course! Great instruction and enjoyable, locations that were suitable for the skills we were learning. Pre-course information was very clear and easy to understand. Paddles, boats and BA all of a high standard. Really enjoyed being coached rather than doing the coaching. I feel like my paddling has definitely improved. My needs were catered for very well – instructor always found time to give individual feedback."

"Fantastic course really enjoyed!! Plenty of information sent through. Excellent equipment. Got more than I was expecting from the course, learnt loads. Good technical content made everything clear. Excellent use of different angles to demonstrate. Probably will be doing other courses in future, cheers guys."

"Fantastic, good fun, very informative. Provided with all the course information I needed to know and everything I needed to bring. Instructor listened to anything we needed, helped us when we were unsure."

"The course was very informative but also fun and kept positive. All of the equipment was in a very good condition and well maintained."

"Overall great, made the most of the time, lots of practice time to figure things out and for them to click into place. Learnt and practiced loads, which is great. Loved the paddles."

"Fantastic, great fun and well pitched for the group. Technical content was just right for me. Interested in theory as it helps me understand why I should do what I'm doing."

"The course was very informative throughout. Sean is able to break techniques and skills down to easily understand it all. All equipment was of excellent quality. Great personal development. Able to refine a lot of techniques and skills. Great feedback throughout to help development."


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British Canoeing

3 Star White Water Kayak Training / Assessment

White water kayaking is at its core about our ability to put the boat in the exact place we want it, whatever the conditions. When possible we use the river to help us, however sometimes that isn’t possible. Either way, if you can control the boat on easy water the process is the same in more advanced conditions. 

At Wild River we pride ourselves on our technical understanding of the discipline. We will teach you the most up to date techniques that will allow you to progress without any barriers.

3 Star Kayak

Course content

A 3 Star white water paddler can paddle as part of a group on a grade 2 river. In order to do that they need to read the river ahead of them, make swift calculated decisions about where to go and combine a range of technical skills to achieve this.

These include:

  • Use of acceleration
  • Making dynamic changes of direction
  • Feeling the river and reacting to it to maintain direction
  • Using eddy lines to help you move around the river

Since we all get it wrong sometimes rolling is definitely a tool for the 3 Star paddler.

If required a swimming pool session can be included in the course. Where possible we do this early on the second morning of the course.

rolling sessions

You can attend our 3 Star courses as a training or assessment or perhaps both.  It is two days of coaching in the skills needed for white water paddling on grade 2 rivers and has the opportunity to achieve the British Canoeing 3 Star Award. All candidates leave the course with a very clear, precise and personalised action plan: safe in the knowledge that they have a range of techniques that are effective and safe.


Depending on water levels there are a wide range of perfect venues for this course throughout the lakes. Venues we use for this course include the river Lune, various sections and flat water sites, the rivers Eden and Brathay.

3 Star Kayak

Which Dagger creek boat would fit you?

Dagger creek boats

Let the experts help you find out.

We understand that boat fitting is crucial to advanced performance. Wild River now has a fleet of the latest models of Dagger white water creek boats, in all sizes. Fitted with the top specification Contour Ergo Creek outfitting, we can find the right boat for you.

Join one of our 3 Star White Water courses and get the opportunity to try for yourself, free of charge. Boats must be booked at the time of payment of course fees and are available on a first come, first served basis.

Terms and conditions
Although we do expect the boats to be used for their purpose and therefore some damage can occur, we would ask that you take great care and look after the boats you use. Treat the boat as if it was your own.

We ask that you:

  • Make sure airbags are fully inflated before use.
  • Avoid dragging the boat over sharp rocks.
  • Think about white water moves that have a high chance of impacts.
  • Report any damage as soon as possible.

Should boats get damaged due to negligence by the user we would expect the user to pay for repair or replacement.

Boats are allotted on a first come basis according to the payment date of the course fees. If you want to be sure of paddling a specific boat then full payment of course fees will guarantee this. 

Course Dates

Dates to be arranged.

Course fee: £155 (includes the opportunity to try a Dagger white water creek boat. Boats must be booked at the time of payment of course fees and are available on a first come, first served basis).


Be able to swim.

Experience of paddling on grade 2 water.


British Canoeing 3 Star White Water Kayak Syllabus

3 Star White Water Training Notes

3 Star White Water Assessment Notes

BCU 3 Star White Water Kayak

3 Star White Water Kayak
3 Star White Water Kayak
3 Star White Water Kayak
3 Star White Water
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