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What our clients say...

"Extremely professional and well delivered. Kayaks were of higher standard than ones learnt in. Additional info and tasks were given as an individual, proved very useful and was much appreciated."

"Thoroughly enjoyed it. Laidback and fun, constructive. Good mix of leading styles and personal paddling.  I’d happily book courses with you guys again!"

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British Canoeing

Moderate Water Endorsement Training – White Water

As a British Canoeing moderate water white water kayak leader your technical knowledge in moderate water will be very good. As a Level 2 coach you have a very good understanding of how to coach.

On our Moderate Water Endorsement training we will help you extend and update your technical knowledge. Wild River works very hard to stay at the forefront of technical understanding. We will certainly improve your paddling as we investigate the most current techniques.

We will help you combine the advanced technical understanding with your existing coaching skills to make you an excellent coach in moderate water.

Course content

These courses tend to run with small ratios so we tailor each course to the needs of the students. However a rough outline of the programme is given below.

Day 1 

  • Technical and tactical understanding of the techniques used in white water kayak.
  • Observation and analysis of your own performance to develop the flags and markers.
  • Clarification of technical templates with particular attention to the 3 Star syllabus.
  • Set the benchmark for three star assessment.
  • Lay out the expectations of a MWE canoe coach.
  • Recap on Level 2 coach behaviours.

Day 2

On the second day of training we will look at how to apply the techniques from Day 1 to real students. Wild River will provide real students for this day. During the day you can take a range of options:

  • Observe us coaching the students and question us on the session.
  • Use a structured observation tool to carry out peer observation with the support of your coach.
  • Deliver all or part of a session with whatever level of support you require from the coach.

We believe that the opportunity to be part of real coaching sessions is the best way to develop our coaching practice.

These sessions are run in a very open and relaxed atmosphere where everyone involved is encouraged to be open to the ideas involved.

During the day we can look in detail at the Level 2 coach behaviours of:

  • Observation and analysis
  • Goal setting
  • Task setting for practice and observation
  • Use of varied teaching strategies
  • Feedback skills
  • Reflective practice

The day will finish with a detailed review and an opportunity to develop your action plan for assessment.  We guarantee that you will leave this training course a much better coach and very well prepared for a Moderate Water Endorsement assessment.


There are a wide range of rivers available to use in Cumbria. The final choice of venue will be made in the days prior to the start of the course. The chosen venues will not be more than an hour’s drive from Penrith and may well be significantly closer. You will be told the exact meeting place for the first morning a couple of days before the course.

Course Cost

Course places cost £160 per person.

BCU Moderate Water Endorsement Training - White Water
BCU Moderate Water Endorsement Training - White Water

  • British Canoeing Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Paddlesport (kayak)

  • Moderate or Advanced White Water Kayak Leader

  • Course Registration

  • 2-day first aid

  • Aged over 18 years old

These additional pre-requisites are checked at Training:
a minimum of 10 quality coaching sessions delivered in the sheltered water environment
after achieving British Canoeing Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Paddlesport; a minimum of 10 quality trips led in the specific moderate water environment after achieving 4 Star.
This will be checked via your coaching logbooks.


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British Canoeing 3 Star White Water Training Notes

British Canoeing 3 Star White Water Assessor’s Notes

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Level 2 Observation Checklist - Working Unknown Students

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